“Finding a place of my own” – 4 Novembre 1966

My submission for the Laurie and Doug Kanyer Art Collections – USA – 2019

One Image for different backgrounds.

The serie of Collages I made for the Project promoted by Laurie and Doug Kanyer Art Collections “Finding a Place of My Own” wants to be an autobiographical narration, of a true story. Realizing this work forced me to do something I never do: think back to my past.
It was a very demanding work from an aspect emotional, but also from a technical point of view. It was not easy to find the right images and put them together so made a sense and could tell such a big and dramatic story in just “5 acts”.
So, thinking about a “place of my own” my heart immediately turned to my city, Florence, and my childhood home, where river Arno was destroyed in the year 1966, during the Flood. After nothing it was the same for me and my family. My house that I lost during the flood was my ideal place and enclosed all my world. I will always carry my home in my heart. I never dreamed of living in a different post from my city, Florence, and from my home, even though now I live in Southern Italy and another home.
Out of the first and the last, the backgrounds are the reproductions of real photos of the 1966 Florence Flood that I recovered from courtesy collectors. I note you that they are reproductions of photos taken during a great tragedy, in the 60s and so they cannot be perfectly clear
The little baby with the house in her arms is me.
The sequence of images is not casual but has precise logic and meaning
Collage_1: represents the arrival of water, the great flood and I stand above the shoulders of a volunteer
Collage_2: the water is now high and has flooded all the houses and I find refuge on a roof, like thousands of Florentines.
Collage_3: water has receded and only rubble and mud remain in the houses. I’m there, in the rubble of a lost house and where you can’t live anymore
Collage_4: The house is lost, all that remains is to collect the few things saved and leave
Collage_5: I look at everything I have lost from the broken windows. I have not only lost a house but also an happy and carefree life that for me and my family has never returned as before.